Why DIY Solar Attic Fans are Never a Good Idea

diy solar attic fansEvery homeowner who has an attic in their house knows very well the importance of installing an attic fan. Among its many benefits are increasing the overall comfort indoors, better temperature control, hence, it helps save power, and it can also keep the structure of your roof and attic durable for longer. However, to save money, many would also opt to DIY these solar attic fans – and we’re here to let you know why DIY solar attic fans are never a good idea.

Using solar products already saves you a lot of money. With free power from the sun, you can effectively decrease your power bill that comes from your utility company. Among the most in-demand solar products, especially for those who are not ready to switch to a full solar panel system for their home yet, are solar attic fans. Though these attic fans are cheaper compared to other solar products like water heaters or pool heaters or that full solar PV system, some would still opt to DIY to save a few bucks.

It is never a good idea to DIY your solar attic fan installation, unless you are an expert home builder, because you would have to place a hole on the roof of your home in order for you to install it. You surely know that roof work can get dangerous and lead to injury when you’re not careful. You also need tools and equipment to do this. So if you don’t have these tools ready, then you’re still spending money to buy those just to carry out your DIY project. And when you place a hole on the roof, you have to be very precise to prevent even that tiniest spaces that can cause rainwater leaks and outside air leakage.

And so whenever you need a solar attic fan installation, make the right choice by investing in the right equipment and the right experts to help you install. Reach out to your preferred local solar contractor for more details.