What to Expect During a Solar Consultation

Not all but some solar contractors offer a solar consultation session or several sessions, usually free, prior to you switching to solar. This is the time you can ask all you want about solar power and what it can do for you and your household or business. At this point, you can learn more about its benefits — exactly how you would benefit it from it.

Sure, the Internet offers a ton of information about solar and you probably already know much about it, however, a personalized solar consultation can give you more information about it that are customized according to your requirements and power needs in your property.

During a solar consultation, you can expect the solar contractor to let you know about the products and services you can get for your property. Note that you are not required to get all these products and services, but you can choose or make a decision based on what you believe is best for your property and suitable for your budget. Solar contractors are experts and when you’re working with a reputable and trusted one in your community, you can know for sure that they’re telling you about their advice and recommendations based on their genuine expertise, not just because they want to get your business.

They will also inspect your property so they can learn where it’s best to install the solar products. For instance, they can look for the best spot on the roof or the area that surrounds your property to install solar PV’s. If you have a swimming pool, you might be told about solar pool heaters too. Solar water heaters, sun tunnels, solar attic fans, and solar lights are also other solar products that might be recommended for you.

If you are on a tight budget, this is also the best time to tell your solar contractor about it so they can recommend financing options too.