Sun Tunnels for a Brighter and More Energy Efficient Home

Sun TunnelsProper lighting is very important in every home. Aside from giving a better and more convenient view of the things that surround you, it also has a lot more benefits to offer. However, having to turn on several lights at a time especially during the daytime could be quite inefficient when it comes to your energy consumption. This is why many homeowners opt to have sun tunnels installed.

Sun tunnels are usually installed in areas or rooms around a home that doesn’t get reached by natural sunlight all the time. For instance, if a certain room doesn’t have enough windows, or there’s no space to install windows at all, then a sun tunnel would be a more ideal choice.

Among the many benefits of having sun tunnels installed are the following:

  1. Sun tunnels can help save energy costs by allowing natural sunlight to enter harder to reach areas in a room.
  2. These sun tunnels can make a room appear larger if it is lighted well enough.
  3. You don’t have to leave lights turned on even during the daytime, which lessens the risk of electrical malfunction.
  4. Sun tunnels are cheaper and easier to install compared to breaking walls to add more windows.

But installation of sun tunnels is not as easy as it seems. Especially if you are getting a sun tunnel built in an already existing home, you will most likely have to make a hole in your home’s structure. The sun tunnel must be perfectly fit as even the tiniest cracks and spaces can let air and water in from the outside.

When getting sun tunnels, it is important to call a licensed contractor. More often than not, many solar contractors offer sun tunnel installation. Check out the products and services offered by your local contractor and inquire about sun tunnel installation.

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