Solar Pool Blankets and Other DIY Solar Pool Heaters

solar pool blanketsDo you have a swimming pool at home? If so, you’re probably enjoying hours of endless fun with family and friends while taking a dip. But for sure, it gets extra challenging and uncomfortable when you wanted to swim in the morning or at night and the water gets pretty chilly. This is where pool heaters could have been useful. However, there’s no denying that pool heaters are expensive to buy and just as costly to operate. Thankfully, there’s an alternative you could check out – solar pool heaters.

Using the power coming from the sun, solar pool heaters can effectively heat up a swimming pool so you can enjoy hours of relaxation. When you get the usual web-tube solar pool heater, then you may have to spend quite a bit for installation. There are cheaper options though – solar pool blankets or DIY solar pool heaters.

There’s no guarantee that a DIY solar pool heater. If it did, then why would most people opt for the way more expensive solar pool heaters from licensed contractors? Take a look at this DIY video below.

If the above DIY project did not convince you, you might want to check out solar pool blankets. These look like very large bubble wraps that are placed over a swimming pool. Those transparent pockets help in attracting more sunlight to come into the swimming pool. When this happens, the water is heated effectively.

One huge downside for many DIY heaters including a solar pool blanket is how long you would have to wait before the pool is warm enough for you to swim in. Another disadvantage would be how quick the pool cools down after the solar heating process is over. If you love swimming for long hours, then you better ask your local contractor for your solar pool heating options instead of going the DIY way.