Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall

Solar Panel RemovalSolar panels are made very tough and durable. They are meant to last for many years and even decades. Most solar contractors would offer 15 to 20 years warranty coverage because these panels are expected to last longer than that. However, there are times when solar panels must be removed for whatever reason. Especially if you have these panels installed on the roof of your home, you might be wondering if you can ever reuse or reinstall those panels over again after removal.

The short answer to that is yes. Solar panel removal may be necessary in case you need to get roof repairs or replacement. While these panels are very durable, severe weather conditions such as hurricanes may cause them to get damaged. If there are weather warnings in your area and you are already given the go signal to prepare yourselves and your property, then you may already call your solar contractor for assistance to safely remove the solar panels. Other reasons may include tree maintenance services. If you’re getting tree trimming or removal services that may end up damaging the panels, it would be best to remove the solar panels temporarily.

Solar power is an effective way to have a clean and cheap power source. Over time, you will get plenty of savings by using solar power for your home. However, solar panel installation and the equipment and materials used are quite expensive. While they are worth the investment and most are covered by warranties, it is still best to ensure they’re kept safe to avoid costly repairs that don’t fall under your warranty coverage.

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