5 Great Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy Bill

Reduce Home Energy BillOne of the most challenging things every homeowner must do mostly on a monthly basis is to balance the household budget so that bills would be paid on time. Of course, there are ways to save money on other things that are not considered priorities like buying designer bags and clothes or splurging on a brand new widescreen TV. And you wouldn’t really want to cut short when it comes to groceries and other necessities. But there are many ways to reduce your home energy bill, which most likely takes up a lot of the allocation of your monthly budget.

Time and again, you must have been shocked with a hefty energy bill and wondered what you could have done differently this month that caused such an increase. You see, electricity rates go up almost on a regular basis. Even if you’re using the same amount of energy, you may still get higher bills than the usual just because the actual rates are increasing. However, as mentioned, the solution to this problem is in your hands. Read on about these great ways to reduce your home energy bill.

1. Unplug electronics that are not being used.

There are things that need to remain plugged in such as your refrigerator. However, other electronics that are not being used better be unplugged as they can still consume electricity. For instance, if you’re done watching TV at night, make sure you unplug it and all the other devices attached to it.

2. Quit turning electronics and appliances off if you plan to use them again a little later.

For example, your air-conditioner consumes most electricity in the beginning when it’s working extra hard to cool down a warm room. If you turn it off after a couple of hours because you wanted to save energy, but decide to turn it on after an hour because it’s starting to get too warm, then you’re just wasting electricity as the AC needs to work extra hard when you start it up again. By the way, it is best if you use a timer for your air-conditioner as well especially if you use it at night. Set it up for a few hours only, which would be long enough until you fall deep into sleep.

3. When buying new electronics and appliances, look for energy efficient ones.

If any of your appliances need replacement already, make sure you choose energy efficiency ones. Inverter air-conditioners and refrigerators are known to be less energy consuming than traditional ones.

4. Home insulation increases comfort and reduces energy costs.

Spray foam insulations, radiant barriers and other similar products are known to be very effective in making a home more comfortable. It locks in the ideal temperature so you won’t have to feel too cold or too warm depending on the season. This means you won’t have to use as much energy on your heating systems and air-conditioners.

5. Invest on solar panels.

Solar panels may seem expensive at first, but it won’t be long before you get your return on investment after reducing your energy bill. Furthermore, you might even be able to get incentives from the local government, if they offer such for your area. Even better, solar panels can significantly increase the real estate value of your home.

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