Importance of Solar Battery Backup

Solar Battery BackupA solar battery backup stores the energy you’re getting on your solar panels throughout the day. As you probably already know by now, solar panels work using the power it gets from the sun. However, it needs to have a place to store all this power in order for it to work during extended periods of time during the night or in case of a power outage. To be truly independent of the electric grid, you need a solar battery backup.

The solar battery backup is usually not automatically included in your solar panel installation package. More often than not, this product would be offered to you by your solar contractor in the beginning. Some opt to delay getting the battery backup for solar power at a later time because it will cost extra. While you can certainly get it later, it is important to have it as soon as you can.

Power Outage Solution

Contrary to popular belief that solar panels would work during power outages, it actually won’t. It would only if you have a solar battery backup. This product stores the energy the panels are getting from the sun all throughout the day. Especially if you want to switch to solar energy as your main power source for your household, it is very important to have a battery backup. This way, you can be sure you have the necessary amount of power needed to keep your appliances running all the time.

Before you know it, you’re paying very little to nothing on your electric bill. You just have to speak with your contractor about the capacity you need for your solar battery backup. You may have to list down all the items that use energy in your home for proper analysis on how much backup battery storage you need.

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