How To Prevent Solar Street Light From Rust

One common fear that almost every buyer has expressed at least once during the purchase of solar street light have is the fear of the steel parts of the light catching rust. No wonder there are many solar street light poles with rust on them. But that should not be an obstacle for going solar. Solar Street Light

You can easily prevent the solar street light poles from catching rust. The first and foremost way of preventing the poles from catching the rust is buying the high-quality material. There are countless solar street light manufacturers in the market. There are some manufacturers who claim to provide a high-quality product at cheap rates. Such claims are often dubious and the manufacturer provides you with nothing but a low-quality product. The low-quality steel or poles easily catch rust as they exposed to sunlight, air, and moisture.

In short, a solar light pool made up of high-quality steel should be your choice. Most of the good quality steel poles are thermally galvanized and lasts for about 40 years without catching rust. In case you are not sure of the quality of steel of the street light pool, you can still preserve and prevent the pole from rust by the following two methods:

1. Hot dip Galvanization: Hot dip galvanization is the oldest method to prevent steel from the rust. In the method, the steel is dipped in melting zinc. The layer of zinc on the pole protects it from salt, moisture, and oxygen – the tree elements that cause rust.

2. Powder Coating: The other method that can use to protect the pole from rusting is coating it with powder. The powder coating electrically charges the pole and the layer of the powder are stuck with it. Following the powder coating, the steel of the pole should be heated to a 180°C temperature.

The method to prevent the steel pole from catching rust is quite technical. It is advisable to ask for a professional help to prevent any injuries and securing the steel pole.

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