Home Energy Saving Tips

Why pay hefty electricity bills when you can reduce power consumption and save money? An American home spendsHome Energy Saving Tips thousands of dollars on electricity bills every year. The amount spent on paying the electricity bills can partially be saved by reducing power consumption. Here are some home energy saving tips to help you save money and environment.

You are probably already doing the best to efficiently use electricity, but still unable to ditch high bills. Our electricity consumption largely depends on how we best utilize it. Keeping appliances on without their actual use will only add to the electricity bills.

There are more such aspects that need to look into to save money and reduce consumption of the electricity.

Top tips to reduce electricity consumption at home and save money:

  1. Turn off all appliances when not in use. This implies on mobile charges as well. Often we leave chargers plugged into power even when we are not charging the phone. This may add up to the electricity bills.
  2. Make your home air leak proof for effective cooling and heating. A/Cs and room heaters may not be effective with air leaking from windows and doors.
  3. Shift to LEDs and CFLs to reduce power consumption. The new and improved light bulbs can reduce the electricity consumption by almost 80%. Choosing star label products can also help reduce electricity consumption by 30%.
  4. Clean the filters of A/Cs regularly for effective cooling and reduced power consumption.
  5. Wash clothes in cold water to save power on water heaters. Washing clothes in cold water can save you about $63 annually.
  6.  Invest in installing a programmable thermostat to save nearly 10% on power consumption.
  7. Cover the windows with blinds in summer and open them in winter.
  8. Air dry clothes when it is sunny outside.
  9. Try using a pressure cooker instead of Microwave for cooking.
  10. Refrigerator is one of the most expensive home appliances when it comes to electricity consumption. The refrigerator runs throughout the day. Ensure its door is properly closed to prevent cool air leakage.

So, these were some of the tips that can help you save on power bills significantly. Optimize the consumption of electricity by shifting to energy-efficient appliances.

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