Energy Efficient Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value

Energy Efficient ImprovementsEnergy-efficient homes are in demand in the United States as more American families switch to renewable resources. Many have already switched to solar-powered appliances to save energy and cost spent on utilizing it. These families are enjoying great returns on their investment. You can also have these upgrades in your home and increase the value of the property.

Each energy efficiency upgrade will increase the value of your property to a certain degree. You can evaluate the level of the energy-efficiency upgrade on your home by analyzing the actual power consumption. For instance, replacing traditional water heaters with energy-efficient heaters would help reduce electricity consumption and electricity bills, and inadvertently will add to the property’s value.

Here is a list of some energy upgrades that can value to your home:

1. Attic and Fiberglass Insulation:

Installing insulation such as attic fans and fiberglass insulation can give you a certain percentage of return on investment. The insulation can help save homeowners annually on electricity bills in heating and cooling.

2. Appliances:

Home appliances consume a large share of your monthly energy costs. Some certified appliances such as televisions or dryers come with good energy star rating and can save on electricity and bills.

3. Heating and Cooling Systems:

Heating and cooling systems make up a large amount on your electricity bills. However, if your home is properly insulated or if you are using solar energy to power up these systems, then you can be rest assured that your energy bills won’t be as high.

4. Solar Panels:

While it costs quite a lot to have solar panels installed in the beginning, your investment will certainly come back to you within just a few years. You will be surprised how much you can save with these panels!

Of course, the amount you spent to invest on these improvements will go towards the price of your property. If you plan to resell your home in the future, you can definitely get it for a higher price compared to homes without such improvements.

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