Do Solar Water Heaters Work at Night?

solar water heaterHave you ever wondered do solar water heaters work at night? Well, the simple and short answer to that is yes. Solar water heaters are designed to capture the sunlight and transform it into the utility to heat the water. At night or even during cloudy days, solar water heaters require battery backup to use the energy stored by the solar panels to keep the water warm. In short, batteries store the energy absorbed by the solar panels for later usage when there is no natural sunlight.

The excess solar energy produced by the solar system is usually sent back to the power grids in cases where there are no solar batteries installed. A solar panel system with storage batteries has the option to store the energy produced by the solar panels in excess. The amount of energy a battery can store largely depends on the total capacity of the battery. The higher the capacity of a battery, the more solar energy it will be able to store. Later, when the panels are not producing enough of the electricity, power can be drawn down from the battery. And when the battery is depleted, you will have to draw electricity from the grid.

A solar battery remains useful for about 5 to 15 years. The lifespan for a solar panel system, however, is about 25-30 years. It means you will have to replace the solar batteries at least once to match the lifespan of that of a solar panel. Of course, all these numbers still depend on the kind of maintenance you provide for your solar system.

Having warm water available on demand is no longer just a luxury for homeowners. It is a necessity especially if you live in areas where it gets very cold at night. Sure, you can still have your electric water heater as a backup, but wouldn’t it be great if you can still have solar-heated water no matter the time of the day?