DIY Solar Panel Repairs

Solar Panel RepairsSolar panels are built to last for at least a couple of decades, maybe even more. More often than not, your solar panel contractor would provide you with warranty coverage for their installation. However, there are times when damages are not covered by the warranty, and repairs can be quite pricey. This is where property owners start looking for more practical solutions such as DIY solar panel repairs.

However, solar panels are sturdy but they require careful handling, especially when you’re actually going to maintain or repair them on your own. As much as possible, you must call a licensed contractor to help you out. Without the proper expertise, you may end up damaging your solar panels even more.

As you can see in the video below, a severely damaged solar panel where the glass has already shattered is being repaired by its owner using polyurethane. While it seems to have been fixed, there are no updates offered on how well the product held up after years of continuous use. Furthermore, the panel still looks broken. It doesn’t appear to be smooth and shiny, the way solar panels should be.

If you are considering repairing solar panels on your own, by all means, you can do it. But before doing so, check on your warranty coverage first. If you attempt to make drastic changes on your solar panels when the warranty could have covered the repairs, then the warranty would be voided. And again, it is best to call a solar contractor to help you out.

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