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Can I Afford Solar Panels?

Can I afford solar panels? This is one of the questions commonly asked to us by friends who are curious about switching to solar power. We all already know about the many benefits of using solar, not

Pros and Cons of Solar Lights for Outdoor Use

Solar-powered lights are an all-time favorite, for they are eco-friendly and cost-effective when looked at as a long term investment. But, having the solar lights installed outside has its pros and cons. If you are planning to

Solar Attic Fans: Pros & Cons

Solar attic fans are highly popular among homeowners these days. These are very energy efficient alternatives to electric attic fans. They’re environmentally friendly too so they’re definitely a great addition to any home. They are relatively low

What is Hybrid Solar System?

A hybrid solar system is just like a grid solar system. It is called hybrid because it uses a battery to store energy for future use. At the time of blackout or power disruption, the hybrid solar

Do Solar Water Heaters Work at Night?

Have you ever wondered do solar water heaters work at night? Well, the simple and short answer to that is yes. Solar water heaters are designed to capture the sunlight and transform it into the utility to

Why Are Solar Panels Expensive?

Lots of people already know about the numerous benefits of using solar power; however, many are not installing or using this yet in their home because they believe that it is just too expensive for them. Of

Why DIY Solar Attic Fans are Never a Good Idea

Every homeowner who has an attic in their house knows very well the importance of installing an attic fan. Among its many benefits are increasing the overall comfort indoors, better temperature control, hence, it helps save power,

What to Expect During a Solar Consultation

Not all but some solar contractors offer a solar consultation session or several sessions, usually free, prior to you switching to solar. This is the time you can ask all you want about solar power and what

How to Get a Free Solar Power Estimate

Are you still thinking whether you should switch the solar power already? One of the most common reasons homeowners are suspending their solar power installation for the next years is because they think that it is very

Solar Pool Blankets and Other DIY Solar Pool Heaters

Do you have a swimming pool at home? If so, you’re probably enjoying hours of endless fun with family and friends while taking a dip. But for sure, it gets extra challenging and uncomfortable when you wanted