5 Benefits of Installing Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic FanSolar attic fans are fast becoming popular among homeowners. Especially if your location gets too warm or too cold depending on the season, these attic fans can certainly offer a significant difference when it comes to comfort. While there are still many of the traditional attic fans available on the market, many opt for solar because of the additional benefits it can provide.

Operating much like how a traditional attic fan would, the main difference is that solar attic fans do not require electricity. Power interruptions won’t affect its functionality. Furthermore, it doesn’t add up to your energy bill. Here are 5 more benefits of installing solar attic fans.

1. Reduces Your Home Energy Bill

It has already been mentioned above that solar attic fans do not require electricity. Instead, it gets its power from the sun, which is free energy. Aside from not adding up to you already hefty energy bill, it helps a whole lot in reducing power consumption and energy costs as well. Because your home’s temperature becomes more balanced and regulated, then your AC or heater won’t need to work as much. This will then result in a lower energy bill.

2. Clean Energy, Eco-Friendly

And since it gets its power from the sun, a solar attic fan uses clean energy. By choosing this solar product, you won’t have to worry about adding to your carbon footprint. In fact, you’re doing Mother Nature a favor by not contributing to the already huge world problem on air pollution.

3. Improves Overall Comfort of Your Home

Much of the heat or cold outside gets absorbed by your attic space, which is why proper ventilation is highly important. A solar attic fan, as mentioned, helps keep the temperature balanced in your attic. The heat or cold distributed to the rest of your home would, of course, be balanced too.

4. Silent Operation

Traditional attic fans can get quite noisy and we won’t blame you for hating them for keeping you up at night. Solar attic fans may still make a bit of sound, but not enough to wake you up or bother you at all.

5. Prevents Damage on Roof Materials

A lot of damage can happen on roof materials, insulation, and your overall attic space when moisture builds up due to imbalanced temperature and lack of ventilation. Save yourself a lot of money from repairs with the use of a solar attic fan.

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