4 Great Solar Products You Can Start Using

Solar Water HeaterSome property owners hesitate to get a full solar panel system setup right away. They feel like they have to try the service first to see if it works for them. While solar energy hasn’t seen any major problems in the recent years, it is understandable when some people continue to doubt this fairly new technology. But as a good start, there are great solar products that one can try using.

These solar products would work even without a full solar panel setup. In fact, many of them can be purchased off the counter in many home improvement stores. It is better though if you get them from a solar contractor so you can get the necessary assistance for installation and how to use the products efficiently. Among these solar products are the following:

1. Outdoor Solar Lights

You may place them in your garden or you can also use outdoor solar lights to light up the entire exterior of your property. Some would even use solar lights as street lamps and they work just as great!

2. Solar Attic Fans

Instead of the usual attic fan that can get quite noisy and adds up to your energy consumption, a solar attic fan can be installed instead. It gets energy from the sun so you won’t have to worry about your energy bill getting higher.

3. Solar Water Heaters

Depending on the kind of water heater you need, there might be a need for a larger solar panel setup for solar water heaters to work. Nevertheless, they work just as good as your regular heater minus the high energy consumption!

4. Solar AC

If there are heaters, there are also solar AC units. No worries about an extra-high energy bill during the hot summer period because you can cool down with your own solar AC.

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